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Lake Sakakawea

Garrison is located on the north shore of beautiful Lake Sakakawea.  The lake, named for the Native American woman who joined Lewis & Clark 200+ years ago, is the third-largest manmade lake in the United States.  It's filled by the Missouri River and contained by the Garrison Dam, the country's fifth largest.  This huge lake, with more shoreline than California, is home to numerous species.  Walleye is the most popular catch, but anglers can also reel in northern pike, chinook salmon, smallmouth bass, white bass, yellow perch, crappie, and sauger.  Click more details for lake access points with boat ramps.

Lake Access Points with Boat Ramps
Directions are miles from the Garrison Cenex.

  • Fort Stevenson State Park Marina: Garrison Bay & deTrobriand (3 South)
  • Sportsmen's Centennial Park (5 East, 3 South, .5 West)
  • Steinke Bay Recreation Area (3 East, 2 South)
  • West Totten Trail (6 East, 2 South, 1 West)
  • Camp of the Cross (3 West, 1.5 South, 2 West, 1 South, 1 West, .5 South)
  • Douglas Bay/ Spring Creek/ Double Tree (9 West, 2 South, .5 East, .5 South, .5 East)
  • Ziegler Boat Ramp (9 West, 2 South, 1 West, .5 South)
  • Douglas Bay Recreation Area (11 West, 5 South, 3 East)
  • Indian Hills Resort (31 West, 2 South, 1 West, 1 South)