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 Welcome to Garrison, North Dakota!

Hooked on Garrison?  You bet- and with good reason! Whether
you’re returning to Garrison, North Dakota for a summer visit,
considering a chance to come fish or hunt, or thinking about finding
a new home, this is a community that comes together to meet
your expectations.  Our retail, service, and professional businesses
offer personal care by experienced and friendly personnel. 
Garrison schools, churches, and organizations remain strong threads
in the basic of community life.  Year-round recreation opportunities
keeparea sportsmen enjoying the current season and looking forward
to the next.  Special events reward enthusiasts with great
memories and growing friendships.  

Garrison offers all the amenities to make it home: a picturesque location, unbelievable recreation right out your back door, and the comforts of a full service business district & medical services nearby.  We hope our website leads you to the people and places that have us “Hooked on Garrison.”  We invite and welcome you to share our experience and enjoy our enthusiasm.

For more information on the community of Garrison, North Dakota, please call toll free 1-800-799-4242 or email us at ndfm@restel.com.