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Community Calendar

International Conference on Pharmacology and Toxicology

10/18/2018  9:00 AM -  10/20/2018  9:00 AM  Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

Conference Highlights

· Food and Nutritional Toxicology

· Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology

· Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

· Pharmacotherapeutics and Drug Toxicity

· Drug Discovery, Drug Development and Posology

· Psychopharmacology and Pharmacoepidemiology

· Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics

· Pharmacokinetics between Paediatric and Geriatrics

· Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS)

· Genetic and Molecular Toxicology

· Neuro and Cardiovascular Pharmacology

· Pharmacotoxicology

· Drug Toxicology and Interaction

· Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety

· Recent Advancement in Pharmacology and Toxicology

Target audience

Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Directors of Association and Societies
Public Health Professionals
Health Economists
Medical Lab Technicians
Community Health Workers
Genetic Professionals
Forensic Professionals
Toxicology Professionals
Pathology Professionals
Clinical Laboratories and Technicians
Supply Chain companies
Manufacturing Companies
Training Institutes
Business Entrepreneurs
Bio instruments Professionals
Bio-informatics Professionals
Software development companies
Research Institutes and members